Jill Rinde

Senior Vice President, Regional Director, WA Office Portfolio

Bellevue, WA

Jill Rinde joined KGIP in 2018 and is a Senior Vice President Regional Director in the Bellevue, Washington Office. Responsible for the overall performance of KGIP’s managed Office portfolio, Jill has extensive industry and market experience to provide strategic support and direction to both KGIP employees and our clients.

Prior to joining KGIP in April 2018, Jill served 11 years in a leadership position for CBRE’s Seattle Asset Service Division. Leading the performance of multiple management teams—overseeing a portfolio that consists of Seattle office (all classes), mixed use retail, and residential (associations), as well as a variety of Eastside Suburban office projects—Jill was directly responsible for the day-to-day portfolio management and operations of more than 9.5 million square feet of commercial property.

Jill’s professional experience includes 25 years of property management. During this time, she has worked in Seattle and Portland for a diverse mix of clients on a variety of property types including office, retail, mixed use, and a mission critical data center.

Jill received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Oregon.