Omar Al Khazraji

Chief Engineer

Bellevue, WA

Omar has been a KGIP team member since December 2019 and is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of the 112th @ 12th property. He works directly with tenants and vendors to complete tenant work orders and schedule repairs. Omar complements the properties by maintaining a safe working environment by upholding safety requirements, coordinates projects and repairs, and ensuring operation of mechanical, HVAC, electrical, Plumbing, Lighting, and Fire/Life/Safety equipment in these properties. He also makes the customer his priority and is quickly becoming known for his smile and willingness to do whatever needs to be done.

Prior to coming to the United States in 2012, Omar worked as a contract combat linguist for the US Army.  There he received commendations for 1000 combat missions completed and exemplary recommendations for his work as a logistics specialist overseeing 2,500 transport trucks a day while managing 37 Iraqi National Junior Officers.  Omar speaks four languages fluently and is known for his superior customer service.  After arriving in the US, Omar worked security for multiple locations, including the Port of Seattle and Vulcan Inc.  After graduating from Bates Technical College in May of 2019 with an Associates of Applied Sciences in HVAC, Omar worked at CBRE/Microsoft and MacDonald Miller.