Development Services

KGIP manages the entire process—from feasibility analysis through construction and lease-up.




KGIP is an active developer, structuring joint ventures with capital partners to conceive and create institutional-quality projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and California. We also provide fee development services on a case-by-case basis.

Our experienced professionals examine the viability of each proposed development, utilizing unparalleled market knowledge and accurate financial assumptions to provide a true assessment of the project’s potential.

Development Services

  • Site Acquisition | Thanks to our expertise in the West Coast markets, KGIP often identifies and recommends “off-market” opportunities that fit the investment objectives of our client-partners. If desired, we will manage the acquisition process, including underwriting, valuation, and negotiation.
  • Financing Options | We have cultivated relationships with the most active mortgage brokers in the region, along with life insurance companies, pension fund advisors, Wall Street firms and banks. This extensive network allows us to efficiently match projects with the appropriate financing option.
  • Selection of Design Team/Consultants | With each project, KGIP’s ultimate goal is to transform the vision into reality — so we assemble an experienced team capable of doing just that. We analyze proposals, evaluate potential vendors and examine prior work, keeping the overall project scope in sight at all times.
  • Design and Pre-Construction Services | We manage schematic and design development to ensure that permits and construction documents are complete, and work in concert with the design team and client-partner to realize budgetary, functional and aesthetic objectives for the project.
  • Market Studies and Project Leasing | The top 20% of leasing brokers typically are responsible for 80% of deals, so KGIP works constantly to bolster our relationships with those elite performers. This maximizes the potential for our projects to have the first and last shot at attracting the best tenants.
  • Entitlements and Permitting | We always are prepared to identify, mitigate and resolve jurisdictional issues, which are a potential risk for any project.
  • Pro Forma and Budget Control | Finding the right balance of “needs” and “wants” is an integral part of each project — and our extensive development experience informs our ability to create a budget that minimizes risk. This limits overruns and frustration while allowing our client-partners to achieve the best possible return.
  • Construction Management | A successful project requires more than a team that knows the details: It requires a collaborative setting that enables everyone to be at their best. The KGIP team uses effective management and thoughtful leadership to create an environment conducive to success. Our professionals have the resources — and the resolve — to meet challenges, stay on schedule and stay true to the project vision.

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