929 Office Tower

Bellevue, WA

462,000 SF

KGIP is known for providing a partnership with our tenants, rather than solely managing the building.  With our outstanding engineering team, KGIP was able to solve ongoing tenant issues and complaints.

One such issue was ongoing building HVAC alarms for a specific tenant that resulted in the tenant’s IT department consistently having to come in on off-hours to troubleshoot.

KGIP’s engineering team set up automated alarms building-wide so KGIP could be ahead of the issue for any tenant HVAC problems and proactively let the tenants know an issue had occurred and been corrected instead of the tenants knowing first.  This level of service ultimately leads to retaining tenants as leases begin to roll.


Square Feet





Nine Two Nine is a 19-story, Class A, commercial office building with an adjacent 14-story above- and below-grade parking garage.  With modern amenities, Nine Two Nine is smart and flexible from top to bottom.

Tenant satisfaction is a priority for KGIP.. Tenant satisfaction leads to tenant retention.